AssistOn-Gait: An Active Pelvis-Hip Exoskeleton for Gait Rehabilitation


AssistOn-Gait is a robot-assisted gait and balance trainer designed for restoration and improvement of gait and balance of patients with disabilities affecting their lower extremities. In addition to gait and balance training, pelvis-hip exercises aimed to correct compensatory movements arising from abnormal gait patterns can be delivered with the device, extending the type of therapies that can be administered using lower extremity exoskeletons. Overall, the system consists of a backdrivable self-aligning exoskeleton that features an automatic adjustment of the center of rotation of its joint axes enabling an ideal match between the hip rotation axes and the device axes. Pelvic guidance along the horizontal axis is provided by the lateral pelvic actuation module. The system can independently guide 7 degrees of freedom of the pelvis-hip complex including the forwards/backwards pelvic displacement, pelvic rotation in transverse plane, vertical pelvic displacement, pelvic tilt in coronal plane,rotations of the each hip in the sagittal plane and lateral pelvic displacement.