Friction Rendering of Parametric Surfaces


Haptic rendering is the process of computing the forces arising from the interaction between a user and a virtual environment and feeding these forces back to the user to enable physical interaction with computationally mediated environments. The success of haptic rendering primarily depends on the level of immersion experienced by the user. Several haptic rendering algorithms have been developed to enhance the realism through imitation of various physical characteristics of the virtual objects, such as shape, texture, and friction. Among these, rendering of friction is of special importance, since grip and manipulation of objects are possible only through friction. In this project, we study algorithms to implement the stiction model for friction rendering of continuous parametric surfaces.
Below are some videos that demonstrate real-time implementation of the friction rendering algorithm. You may need to install require Quicktime Player to view the video.
The last part of the video given above compares the core module of our friction rendering algorithm, closest point tracking algorithm,  with the commonly employed methods based on intermediate representations. In particular, the red marker represents the  closest point tracking algorithm while the yellow marker denotes intermediate representations.