handson_seaHandsOn-SEA: An Educational Robot for Series Elastic Actuation

For gaining proficiency in physical human-robot interaction (pHRI), it is crucial for engineering students to be provided with the opportunity to physically interact with and gain hands-on experience on design and control of force-feedback robotic devices. HandsOn-SEA is a single degree of freedom educational robot that features series elastic actuation and relies on closed loop force control to achieve the desired level of safety and transparency during physical interactions. HandsOn-SEA complements the existing impedance-type Haptic Paddle designs by demonstrating the challenges involved in the synergistic design and control of admittance-type devices. HandsOn-SEA can be used to allow students to experience the performance trade-offs inherent in force control systems, due to the non-collocation between the force sensor and the actuator. Students can modify the mechanical design of the device in addition to its controllers, by assigning different levels of stiffness values to the compliant element, and characterize the effects of these design choices on the closed-loop force control performance of the device.

Below are demonstration videos of the device.


Here is a link to our paper titled Hands-On Learning with a Series Elastic Educational Robot. You can download BibteX file here.

Below you can find all the files required to implement HandsOn-SEA.

HandsOn-SEA Parts List

HandsOn-SEA Build Guide

HandsOn-SEA CAD files

Matlab File Exchange site for HandsOn-SEA software